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To connect families to camp and program information.


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To provide a comprehensive online camp and youth program directory with easy access to information in one central place.



Welcome to Bermuda’s Online Children’s Resource!


BermudaCamps.com was created to consolidate camp and youth program information into one central place. The idea stemmed from our families, friends and own personal struggles, trying to find this information during the school year.


On March 19th, 2013 BermudaCamps.com was launched and available to every family and camp operator in Bermuda.  In a few months our services expanded to include youth programs, camp/program job postings, family event information and our popular Updates & News subscription. All of this information - under one roof - help families plan their child’s schedule easily and it offers operators a centralized location to showcase their services year round.


The services provided by camp and youth program operators are important to families and our island-wide community because it encompasses more than just child care. These services help children discover other interests, gain self-confidence, learn responsibility, broaden their social skills and build friendships.

Search our directories and discover a new adventure. We are a one-stop online children’s resource, connecting families to camps and programs


Happy Camp and Youth Program Planning!



Nelia Cabral

Founder & Parent




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