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 Why is camp important?

     Camps provide more then child care, they help children discover other interests, gain self-

       confidence, learn responsibility, broaden their social skills and build friendships. These

       experiences benefit a child, family, school and community.


How can you help? 

       Several local charities and organisations assist families with sending children to camps. 

       Give a child the opportunity to Discover, Explore, Create and Friendship at camp.


       Donate to Give the Gift of Camp



Local Charities & Organisations:


   Family Centre - Where Children Come First

      An internationally accredited Bermuda charity providing early intervention services to children;

        providing specialized programmes and prevention initiatives to families island-wide.


           Web:www.tfc.bm                              T:   441 232 1116                       E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  The Coalition for the Protection of Children - Healing & Empowering Children & Families

      A charity dedicated to meeting the needs of children and their families, bringing  public awareness

        of children's issues, advocates for families and provides services to ensure  children grow up in a

        safe and nuturing environment.    


          Web: www.coalition.bm                   T:441 295 1150                         E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  BEN-Bermuda Education Network

       An independent association of organisations offering free supplementary learing opportunities

          for public school students through various programs and expeditions.    


           Web: www.ben.bm                          T: 441 505 5020                       E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Are you a charity or organisation which supports families in arranging camps for their children?  Contact Us   



Discovery, Exploration, Creativity & Friendship 



                                                      Give the Gift of Camp  


Testimonials hand g

I am pleased to endorse BermudaCamps.com. There has been a lot of planning with this company, so it can provide a much-needed service for parents and camp operators, Island wide. BermudaCamps.com’s professionalism and user friendly website will make it easier to look for programs for kids.

David Bascome
HSBC Pro Soccer Clinic Camp Director and
Founder/Chairman for Hope4Life Foundation


Thank you for putting together this great website!! It has become my number one resource for camp and extra-curricular activity information.

Rosalind Wingate


This website really is great and it has taken so much stress out of trying to find camps for my kids! I have recommended it to many colleagues and friends!

Julie Marshall


I love this site! Just what I’ve been looking for to find out about all the camps being offered Island-wide.

Ngadi Kamara


What a superb website! I was able to pick out some great camps from your website.

Kim Preston-Nisbett


I want to thank you again for your consideration, dedication & hard work putting this together and supporting the parents/community. Excellent effort!

Suman S

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